What i finsihed today!!!

As i mentioned in my previous blogs , at he end of the month I’m exposing for 4 days :), I’m super excited but a bit tired as a result of all the preparation. I had decided for my expo besides just showcasing my paintings why not , sell cards and bookmarks. Add some dynamics to my presentation. so here above i posted a photograph of what i did , i added a couple beads to some book marks to add some little artistic ‘artisana feel to it’ . As for paper and all , i went to the wal-mart and both these packs they sold for basic white cards , nothing to complicated , easy to print , i have and ink jet which is pretty compatible with any printing material , from what i saw at wal-mart . The paper is standard size , 8.5×11 paper matte finish it already has the fold in the middle.  As for the book marks it was a complete success , they came out good ,  actually got a photo like paper glossy finish ,at eh dollerrrrrrrrrr store believe it or not , and its good quality , and only a 1.50$ per pack of 10 , good deal if you ask me. but the down part is the back of paper is written repeatedly the company name . Which is not so artistic presented for us in terms of presentation. At first i cut out Mayfair paper (white) and glued in back of my book mark , but the glue changed the colour on the image :(:(, bo hooo, so that was a sucky moment, so for this i found no solution unfortunately , their must be a glue out there made especially for picture paper. Anyway still the next !


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